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Megan & Liz Rise to the Next Level With ‘DEUX’ EP

Country duo Megan & Liz dropped their DEUX EP earlier this month and we still can’t stop listening to it. The EP features the pair’s new single “Big Kids” and their Teen Choice Award nominated song, “That Ghost,” as well as five additional tracks.

The fraternal twin sisters already released a music video for “Big Kids,” currently spinning on Radio Disney Country, and it’s almost too relatable. “Big Kids” is all about the struggles of figuring out adult life and the music video just gets us.

However, our favorite track on DEUX is a song titled “Just a Name.” Surprisingly, this “hidden gem” almost didn’t make the EP.

In a new Behind the Songs video, Liz Mace revealed, “This song was written very quickly. Super random, too.”

“Very last minute we decided to put it on the new EP,” Megan shared in the video. “This song is really just about when somebody you used to date, literally, you just have this moment of clarity and you’re just like, ‘Oh my gosh, you don’t have this hold on me anymore, you’re literally just a name.'”

Megan & Liz also treated fans to the original voice memo from the “Just a Name” writing session. Check it out in the video below.

Fingers crossed Megan & Liz will release “Just a Name” as a single and make a music video for the song?! We can’t wait to see what these rising stars do next.

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